How the Gift Annuity for Home Program Works

Establish a charitable gift of real property in
exchange for a stream of lifetime income.



Talk to an expert who will take your specific needs to heart

The first step in the Gift Annuity for Home process starts with a brief consultation to identify if this program is right for you. Do you need income? Are you facing unexpected bills? Do you desire a positive change in lifestyle? You'll also discuss details about your home, rental property, land or other eligible assets. Our advisors are trained to listen and carefully note what is most important to you and your situation.


Understand the value that your hard work has built

The next step involves getting to know your home. A few simple questions followed by a professional assessment will show you how much equity is present in your property. This establishes the basis for making sure the benefits of the Gift Annuity for Home Program create the financial and charitable outcomes you desire.


Ensure financial stability and create a charitable legacy

Once the preliminary information is in hand, a team of experts will get to work on creating options for you to consider where your preferences will be taken into account. The plan will provide details about charitable affiliates, and how much income and/or debt relief you can expect. A customized proposal will be presented to you and any family members or trusted advisors of your choosing. The process is always within your control. There is never any obligation on your part for reviewing your Gift Annuity for Home Program options.

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