An idea for college that started on a golf course.

chuck courtney

Everyone praised his golf skills. Then they realized his true superpower.

Chuck Courtney's heroics on the course made him a star. Two National Junior Championships, PGA Tour Pro, winner of two Tour events, San Diego State Hall of Fame, Pebble Beach Walk of Fame, Head Professional at one of the nation's top private clubs for 23 years.

But it is Chuck's lifelong service as a teacher and mentor that makes him a legend.


In 2012 David Brooks, History Chair at Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, made known his discovery of Chuck Courtney's quiet but extensive contributions to youth education.

The Club commissioned a bronze statue and launched the Chuck Courtney Honorary Scholarship Fund through a $25,000 donation by fellow member, businessman, and prominent San Diego philanthropist, Bob Baker.

The Fund drop forged Chuck's legacy in a revolutionary idea: financial awards coupled with mentorship. It caught on and soon something remarkable came clear.

The Fund wasn't just about making college graduates. The Fund was about making ... future legends.

Future Legends is on a MISSION
to mentor and award scholarships to
deserving students in pursuit of higher education.

Our VISION is to be
the finest mentoring and scholarship program in the country shaping our next generation of leaders.

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Good Governance & Transparency

We pledge to make every dollar entrusted to Future Legends count towards delivering our Mission and Vision as efficiently and effectively as possible. Transparency, integrity and ethics are values we encourage in our Scholars and underscore the standards we uphold for our organization.  

Future Legends demonstrates this in four key areas:

  1. Governance of our Board of Advisors and Executive Directors
  2. Financial responsibility and transparency
  3. Ethical fundraising
  4. Volunteer participation

The vast majority of our funding directly supports Scholars and establishing a solid foundation to build & maintain our program for years to come.

Please review a PDF of our 2018 Form 990 submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.