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Future Legends is not your typical college scholarship program.

Looking for a truly unique and life-changing scholarship experience? You've come to the right place!

Future Legends is truly additive in nature; a series of pluses that continue to add value both during and after your college experience.

Financial support + expert mentorship + networking connections + skill refinement + peer support + ongoing involvement after graduation ... these are all part of why the Future Legends Scholarship Fund is like no other.

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Application FAQ

You’re eligible if you are a high school senior, meet the eligibility requirements listed on this web page and are willing to participate in the program according to the guidelines and expectations. The assessment questionnaire will help and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

Applications are due in March. Final decisions are typically communicated to scholarship recipients by the end of April.

We are looking for applicants with different skills or interests. The scholarship recipient must meet all of the standard criteria required for the scholarship but must also distinguish herself/himself from the rest of the applicants.

Yes. But the grant will be made directly to the school where you eventually matriculate.

Yes. Most of our scholars have received funding from multiple organizations.

Yes. Your Future Legends scholarship will be renewable each year provided you meet the eligibility requirements.

Yes. The Future Legends Scholarship Fund provides your award directly to the college you are attending as credit towards your tuition. If this happens, the school adjusts your unmet financial need accordingly.

Yes. Please email your questions to info@futurelegends.org and one of our team members will get back to you.