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Apply your time + talents towards a variety of needs.

No matter how much (or how little) time you have, Future Legends has a spot for you!  Our volunteers come from all walks of life but all share in a common purpose to help deserving scholars.

Volunteer opportunities include being a mentor, helping the scholarship selection committee, event planning, and many other important roles.

Connect using the form below to start the process of learning more about all the ways you can get involved to inspire, educate and motivate Future Legends Scholars.

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How much time might this take per month?

Like most things in life ... it depends. Your involvement can be determined by your own schedule and desired level of involvement.  Some roles require more than others. We're happy to make the most out of whatever time you can give.

Why do you put such emphasis on Mentoring?

Mentoring is widely recognized as the key element to success during a student’s college experience.  In recent years, a national study of more than 30,000 students concluded mentoring is more important to the student's college education and well being following graduation than which college they attended.

Feeling supported and having deep learning experiences during college means everything when it comes to long-term success and achievements after college.  With that in mind, our volunteer mentor teams realize the importance of their support for the Future Legends scholars throughout their lives.

How does one become a Mentor?

We take great care in selecting Future Legends Mentors. The process involves careful assessment of candidates, interviews and evaluation of the needs of each scholar.  Key considerations include the prospective Mentor's abilities to establish strong relationships and provide support over a span that can go well beyond a scholars collegiate experience.

How do I get my business involved with Future Legends?

We believe that competition makes us faster, but collaboration makes us better. We welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization in the spirit of our mission and vision. Top quality firms and organizations enjoy the benefits of providing enhanced experiences to Future Legends scholars while gaining the recognition of being part of a world-class program.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a partnership with Future Legends, please contact us at