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The 2019 “Create New Legends” Campaign was a great success. Dozens of generous individuals supported the cause. Thank you so much. Have a Legendary New Year!

We start new legends.
Every day.

Future Legends is america's finest
scholarship + mentoring program

modern charity - rich legacy

One man + his passion for teaching ignites a revolutionary idea.

Inspired by his own mentor, golf pro Chuck Courtney sparked an idea that created a new kind of scholarship program for deserving students aspiring to go to college.

Future Legends is forward looking with a rich legacy.

history in the making

unique formula for success

Tuition assistance + caring mentors providing support and guidance.

We understand that the challenges of college go far beyond paying for tuition. There's also a lot of "figuring it all out" along the way.

The unique approach of Future Legends provides help in both areas.

How the program works

through graduation and beyond

Graduates + accomplished scholars powering progress for generations.

Graduation is a time of beginnings where Future Legends scholarship recipients move on to becoming advisors to the next generation.

This is how Future Legends creates a virtuous circle.

success ignites success

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Legends in the Making Since 2012








"Future Legends creates a truly unique and life-changing experience for its scholarship recipients.”
Steven Sakara
Future Legend
Baylor '16