Gift Annuity for Home

fully covered by irs code subsection 2036

Transform your Home Equity
into a Lifelong Income Stream

The Gift Annuity for Home Program is a way for seniors to use their real property assets, like a home, to establish immediate beneficial income for themselves by making a charitable gift of the asset. The structure of this gift is unique. It benefits the asset owner and Future Legends. The potential benefits may include:

Erase Mortgage Debt
Retire your existing home mortgage ... and the stress.
Generate Income
Your home equity becomes a lifelong monthly income.
Stay or Rent
Stay in your home for life or rent it. You're in control.
Enjoy Tax and Charitable Benefits
Earn a tax deduction and create a legacy in your name.

Is Gift Annuity for Home right for me?

The answer is likely "yes" if you're a senior and any of the following apply:
  • Age 70 or older

  • Married or Single

  • Wanting control of your home

  • In need of additional income

  • Facing unexpected bills

  • Challenged by mortgage payments

  • Against Reverse Mortgages

  • In a positive home equity situation

  • Charitably inclined

"My husband and I worked hard to pay for our home. This program helped our home work for us."
Helga leonhardT, M.a. | san diego, CA
Mother, Inventor & philanthropist
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Discover how to pay off your mortgage and create monthly income for life.

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The Gift Annuity for Home Program is a service of Future Legends working in collaboration with leading, qualified philanthropic, real estate and financial partners. Future Legends potentially benefits financially from the Gift Annuity for Home Program to help fund the provision of scholarship and mentorship programs for college-bound students. This website is for information only and is not a solicitation. As with all financial matters, it is advisable to seek the advice of trusted professionals.