The Story of Future Legends Home Gifting Program

Helping individuals and charities at the same time
led to the Gift Annuity for Home Program.


Teeing Off

Chuck Courtney was a professional golfer in the 1960s and 70s with a hall of fame career. But it was Chuck's legendary service as a teacher and mentor off the course that inspired a group of philanthropists into action.

Lofty Aspirations

In 2012 that group gathered at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club to form a scholarship fund in Chuck Courtney's honor. The charter set lofty aspirations to provide both financial aid plus caring mentorship to deserving students throughout their college journey. Future Legends was born and many supporters became attracted to the mission.

Starting Legends

When people started asking for new ways to help students succeed, the service-minded leaders at Future Legends turned to a powerful, IRS-approved giving strategy: the Gift Annuity for Home Program. It creates incredible financial benefits for both donors and charities, alike.

Stronger Together

Future Legends affiliates with leading philanthropic organizations to execute this program. Each provides the vast financial strength necessary for sizable real estate transactions and the years of income benefits that are central features of this program. It's a winning collaboration: charitable affiliates + Future Legends + you!


Future Legends has developed home gifting on a foundation of smart, secure thinking by some of the most successful individuals and companies.


Your journey is led by professional guides from leading charities and financial institutions, all focused on serving your specific needs.


Enjoy service that helps charitably minded people get more financial value out of their most important assets.

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