Gift Annuity for Home

Pre-arranging to donate your home to
Future Legends can unlock beautiful benefits



Transform your Home Equity into a Lifelong Income Stream

The Gift Annuity for Home Program is a way for seniors to use their real property assets, like a home, to establish immediate beneficial income for themselves by making a charitable gift of the asset. The structure of this gift is unique. It benefits the asset owner and Future Legends. The potential benefits may include:

Future Legends is forward looking with a rich legacy.

Your home equity becomes a lifelong monthly income.

Retire your existing home mortgage ... and the stress.

Earn a tax deduction and create a legacy in your name.

Stay in your home for life or rent it. You're in control.

Is Gift Annuity for Home right for me?

The answer is likely "yes" if you're a senior and any of the following apply:

How it Works?

The Gift Annuity for Home Program is an innovative gifting strategy that allows seniors to benefit from the hard work they have put into creating home equity.

Program Background

The Gift Annuity for Home program was born of a desire to help both philanthropic individuals and charities creating a wealth of good in our community.

The Charities Involved?

Future Legends works with leading healthcare and educational partners to create the benefits associated with the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We want you to be extremely comfortable with this program so take the time you need. We're here for you.

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