Working Together

The Gift Annuity for Home Program
benefits you and so many others.


Institutions of Higher Learning

Colleges and Universities participate in the Gift Annuity for Home program because it helps them transform the lives of students and everyone those scholars impact.

By strengthening their programs with innovative fundraising, institutions of higher learning can provide the resources for education, research, growth and discovery that make a positive difference in society far beyond campus.

Top Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers participate in the Gift Annuity for Home program because it supports their ability to serve the health and wellness of people in our communities.

Home gifting expands the capabilities of hospitals, and medical professionals, to reach more people in the population, deliver more essential services and create pathways that lead to longterm vitality.

Future Legends Fund

Future Legends is growing to be America's finest scholarship plus mentorship program for students pursuing dreams of a 4-year college education.

As an IRS qualified 501(c)(3) charity, Future Legends plays an important role in the Gift Annuity for Home Program. A portion of any proceeds goes to help shape the next generation of leaders in the United States.

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